About us

We have been profesionally working with bituminous waterproofing materials since 1972, where under the old municipal services we have started with waterproofing flat roofs, cesspools isolations,  as well as the waterproof isolations of houses and apartment houses. Many of them are still in very good conditions and being used up till now, like for example thermal swimming pool Vieska in Turčianske Teplice,which was realized in 1975. Throughout the years, we have learned about a lot of different technologies and materials such as: IPA, BITAGIT, ESTERBIT, FOALBIT, ALFOBIT, ACIBIT, SKLOBIT. As well as the materials, also different working practices and tools were improved and modernized since then. In the works now with modified asphalt tracks we have been continuing as a private company since 1991. We meet again on some roofs, which we did many years ago (mainly family houses and apartment buildings) and apply them to new materials and processes, thereby guaranteeing energy savings and longer life of your roof.


Company Ján Šipula-JAS was on 30.7.2008 transformed the company JAS Šipula Ltd.. The main activity of the company and specialization are still hydro-thermo-insulation of roofs of houses, apartment buildings, production halls and gluing PVC, all with certified material. We assess roof frames, free technical - expert advice and the preparation of project documentation. Our aim is to take care of the roof throughout the warranty manner of inspection and end of life of the roof to identify new materials that will tie-in with the original roofing.


We cooperate in supplying and installing wood trusses, concrete covering/roofing BRAMAC, BETA, BESTAMA, Onduline bitumen, roofing tiles TONDACH, roof system ROVAwith the complete products of Cu, Zn, Al and PVC.

            During the year the Company consists of approximately 6 employees and through the season, the number increased to 10 to 12 employees. All of them are owners of a certificate of quality work and are annually re-training by the manufacturer of waterproofing and thermal insulation. Technical staff also attend the annual training seminars, which tend to be familiar with new technologies and procedures, assembly work.